Cut Your Contact Ratio In Half Effortlessly

Automate Customer Support with Insync and channel shift your live support to AI Powered Virtual Assistants.

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Automate Returns & Exchanges

Automate Returns & Exchanges

Feed us your business rules and our bot will free your agents from processing ecommerce returns.

Resolve Account Issues

Authenticate users and solve their login and password problems without live support.

Resolve Account Issues
Warranty Coverage

Warranty Coverage

Insync can ingest the information needed from your customer to determine if warranty claims are covered on past purchases.

Spend Less Time Hiring, Training, And Managing

Reduce the stress of hiring and training support staff. AI powers an infinite number of virtual agents. Insync scales up with demand to eradicate contingent staffing issues and reduce the number of support agents your organization needs.

Let Your Team Focus On Tier 1 Support

Sometimes the human touch is needed. Let your support agents focus on these issues. Let Insync.AI handle the rest.

Scale Without Having To Grow Your Team

Insync’s AI is like having infinite agents, available whenever you need them. Round off seasonal spikes with ease.

Cut Inbound Phone By 50-100%

We have taken clients from 2 hr wait times to 0 minutes. Let us help you improve your SLA’s.

Cut Inbound Phone By 50-100%
Calculate Potential Savings

Calculate Potential Savings

We can help you calculate how much you can save on support by deploying Insync.AI in support of your customers.

The Hidden Price Of Wait Times

Wait times reduce Conversions, Customer Loyalty, and CSAT.

The Hidden Price Of Wait Times
Reduce Email Response Time

AI Chat empowers Support Teams to reduce Email response times by 2/3rd or more. The cost savings and CSAT improvements are tremendous.

Turn Support Into Profit Center

Insync’s answer to “Is this machine washable?” may be “Yes”, “No”, or “No, but...”, because our unique, in chat, intent driven product discovery experience upsells and transacts.

Automate Upsell

Feed Insync your recommended items and watch our AI make sure no one buys tile without being offered mortar.

Reduce Cancellations

Helping customers through a problem often surfaces the value they felt they were missing and prevents cancellations.

Drive Subscriptions

Insync helps educate customers on their journey from freemium to premium.

AI Trained For Your Customers

We train your custom AI Chat for you and create User Flows based on the questions your customers are asking you.

Customize The Entire Experience

From the look and feel of the Chat to the User Flows themselves. Everything is customized to your brand’s vision.

Smooth Handoff

AI is sentiment aware, customizable based on our client’s wishes, triggers smooth handoff of a customer to a live agent.

No Agent Training Required

When we integrate with Live Chat, nothing changes for your agents. No new training is required.

Email Support

Insync.AI will make an email support ticket and drop it into the correct queue for your support team to handle later.

Agent Assist

Deploy our Assistant internally to help your agents get answers from your knowledge base faster.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Our In-Chat CSAT Tool measures Agents, AI, and AI/Live Agent interactions. You can know who answers what well.

Easy To Use Business Intelligence

In our regular client meetings we deliver insights from customer chats that show up in your bottom line.

Granular Reporting

Our reporting tool allows you to drill down from the top all the way down to the actual chat the data is coming from. We will build you any custom report you desire.

Under 3 Hours To Implement

Insync.AI is effortless. Point us at your data and our AI does the rest.

Integrates With Any Tech Stack

No matter what CXM you use, Insync.AI will seamlessly integrate.

Constant Intent Training At No Cost

Our Learning Engine is constantly improving and so is your ROI. With Insync, all new intent training is free and we get smarter with every chat.

Customize The Entire Experience

From the look and feel of the Chat to the User Flows themselves. Everything is customized to your brand’s vision.

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