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Oct 27, 2021

How Traditional Banks Can Up their Game with Conversational AI

How Traditional Banks Can Up their Game with Conversational AI

1. Use Tried and Tested Technology to Automate

To answer customers’ questions well, AI chatbots can be employed that use the power of NLP, NLU, and ML to provide almost human-like interactions

2. Make Chatbots Answer Top FAQs

Chatbots should be trained to present top FAQs at the right time. Most of the questions coming from the customers are niche-specific and solvable with FAQs.

Moreover, 73% of people want to solve service or product issues on their own. Thus, disposing of FAQs at the right time is critical for a good CX.

3. Support Multiple Languages

English may be the popular tongue; however many people prefer to speak in their native language. This is why conversational chatbots should understand and speak the native language of the target audience. At the least, the chatbot must offer to speak in native languages to customers.

4. Automate Smartly

Customer service automation essentially frees humans from a majority of mundane tasks. But that does not entail the removal of every human agent at every single touchpoint

As leaders in customer service automation, we will strike a harmonious blend of automation and human elements in designing customer service automation for you.

For instance, when a customer is angry or demands an urgent solution, the chatbot must be intelligent enough to hand it over to a human agent without wasting any time.

5. Implement Robust Feedback Mechanism

Perfection is a myth! There is always room for improvement, which is why feedback is so important. After every interaction, the chatbot should ask for feedback in the form of a star rating. It is the easiest way to assess a customer’s satisfaction with the service provided.

If you want to deliver the best customer experience by automating your CX, take the assistance of a trusted brand that has a track record of working with big players.

Insync offers the smartest, enterprise-grade AI-enabled customer experience automation solution for your business. We are trusted by big brands like Disney, Verizon, Berkshire Hathaway, and many more.

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