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Deliver consistent CX across Email, Chat & Agents across the whole customer journey, to drive more sales / revenue and reduce costs, using our cutting edge generative AI platform.


Increase in Conversions


Reduction in Support Costs


Increase in CSAT


Your Implementation Effort

Hear what our clients think of AI chat as a service.

Many of our clients came to us from other solutions because they underestimated how much work would be involved for their team to keep AI Chat trained and operating without problems.

Insync.AI is AI Chat that is purpose built for mid market and enterprise businesses, most of whom are having trouble managing rapid growth in users

We are already connected with your CRM, CXM, PIM and more. We can integrate seamlessly regardless of your stack

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To deploy AI - you need the technology, but you also need the human resources to make it work.

You build, train & manage
Insync built, trained & managed
Build Cost
Product Manager (AI Trainer)
Engineer 1
Engineer 2
New Intents
New Use Cases
FAQ Enrichment
Custom Development
You build, train & manage
$800K - $2MM
You build, train & manage
Cost effective, predictable and usage based

This is what you ALSO get for FREE

Intent Analysis

Understanding what your customers are asking is our specialty.  Our AI paired with our team of Data Scientists is 30-50% better than our clients at understanding their own customers’ intents.

Intent Training

AI is perishable because things change.  Your products change.  Your customer experience changes.  Your business policies and processes change.  When they do - you need your AI retrained.  We do that for free.

New Use Cases

As customer intents surface, you will want to expand use cases for automation like feeding the bot business rules in order for it to authenticate users, adjust account settings, process returns and exchanges or issue refunds.

With Insync - that development work is free.

Custom AI More Powerful Than Lex & Dialogflow

AI chat needs to understand what your customer is asking - aka their intent.  Insync’s AI has industry leading understanding of intent, which leads directly to greater ROI for our clients.

Effortless Implementation

Just paste 15 lines of Javascript where you want our Chat to be live and we do the rest.

Be Where Your Users Are

Chat, In-App, Voice, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Text, SMS, N-lingual. Pass a user’s support experience between devices or channels in the same support instance.

Real Time Analytics

Drill down from a statistic all the way to the data that is driving it with our world class reporting.  Our customers get the precise view they want including any custom metrics they need for their business needs.

Weekly Meetings

We walk our clients through their data on a weekly basis. Benefit from a team of AI experts and Data Science experts who regularly surface business insights that will increase conversions and decrease live support costs and who regularly update your custom implementation as your users’ needs change.

Immediate Response Time & Quality Control

We are like an embedded team, agile enough to respond overnight to creative changes in a chat flow and immediately to any mission critical events including outages.

Enterprise Level Privacy and Security.

Insync is Soc 2 compliant and has passed multiple Fortune 100 penetration tests and audits. We don’t store PII. Period.

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This is what it means for Support Leaders and Teams

Support agents benefit from AI Chat.  Support Leaders shine.

Decouple Support Cost From Growth

AI chat reduces live support volume.  You can cut your contact ratio in half.

Reduced Support Costs

Clients report 30% reduction in  total support costs.

Free Your Support Agents To Focus On Tier 1 Customer Support Cases

Sometimes the human touch is needed.  Let your support agents focus on these issues.  Let AI handle the rest.

Seamless Integration For Agents

When we integrate with Live Chat, nothing changes for your agents.  No new training is required.

Stabilize Staff Planning

Reduce the stress of hiring and training support staff.  Once trained, our AI powers an infinite number of virtual agents.  When demand fluctuates, we are there to fill in during spikes and let you operate with a minimum staff when demand is low.

Insync will build, train, and give you a free month of AI Chat as a Service.

The only thing it takes is a desire to upgrade your customer support experience.

Guide Your Customers To The Right Product While Answering Their Questions

Automate Sales Support With Our Unique Product Discovery Experience

We can guide your customers to the product they want using their intent instead of just keywords.

Don’t wait for them to do the work - serve your customers the products they want and they will reward you.

24/7/365 Sales Support

The ‘Now’ customer converts at all times of the day and night.  If you aren’t there for them, they shop somewhere else.

Optimize Growth

You’ll be surprised by the questions asked on different pages of your site.  We give you deep insights into your customers’ journey.

Increase Lifetime Value (LTV)

An informed customer is 10% more likely to stick.

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We can help you get the same powerful insights

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We can help you get the same powerful insights

Sign up today for a free demo to see how