Reward Your Customers With Support Automation

Did you know that providing customers with hassle-free and comprehensive support can supercharge your sales? Yes, that’s why we’re here at Insync, to help businesses stand out with an exceptional customer experience. How do we do it? We do it with an all-in-one solution: our advanced AI chatbot. Assisting consumers with efficient and intelligent support is what our AI chatbot does best. Whether you’re a growing company or a market leader, our customer support automation tool helps you communicate better with customers and push your business forward.

So, What’s Our AI Chatbot?

In simple words, it uses text messages to imitate human-like conversations with users. Its primary goal is to assist users by answering their questions. The best part is that you won’t have to wait long for it to happen. In just a few weeks, we custom-build and deploy the entire platform in three steps. And you’ll be able to provide the best customer service possible sooner than you ever imagined.  

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Create Customer Experiences That Sell with Support Automation

So, how will you get rewarded? Our conversational AI chatbot will delight clients at every step of their buying journey, from the first visit to the final purchase. It benefits your business in many ways, including:

Improved Engagement

Convert website visits into sales leads by reaching your visitors in real-time.


Encourage customers to buy with recommended purchases and personalized offers.

Generate & Qualify

Generate and qualify leads automatically. Send high-intent leads to your sales reps in real-time to reduce the sales cycle.


Using an intelligent chatbot, users can quickly purchase or order your products.

Solve Customers’ Problems Efficiently with Support Automation

Consumers have a plethora of inquiries for which they require prompt and reliable answers. But as your business grows, paying attention to each of them becomes more difficult. Previously, corporate organizations outsourced their customer service to call centers and contact centers. And it is both costly and out of date. On the other hand, startups lack the necessary resources and hence end up with dissatisfied clients. No matter what, customer relationship management (CRM) should not be overlooked.

So, the best person to answer customers’ inquiries is someone who is extremely intelligent. And that person shouldn’t take breaks or take naps. Instead, they need to be available to assist consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Can that person possibly be a human being? No, humans can’t work that way. But a CSM tool—in this case—our super-intelligent chatbot, can manage it all. And it benefits your business in many ways, including:

Support your customers around the clock

When you can’t pick up the phone or accept a chat, our AI chatbot can assist customers. Provide continuous support and ensure that each customer receives the help they require.

Increased client satisfaction

Starting with the first contact, lead consumers by hand. To make customers feel taken care of, use interactive components to guide them through your website and provide tailored recommendations.

Increase your revenue without increasing your costs

Increasing costs does not have to be a part of growing your business. Support automation allows you to scale your customer service without adding more people to your team.

Solve difficulties more quickly and intelligently

Customer support tools reduce wait times by quickly responding to user questions. They gather information about clients and their needs, allowing your team to address problems faster.

Human-like assistance

Customer service is effortless, thanks to a combination of AI technology and a human touch. Your consumers can self-serve, address common problems, and interact with human agents when necessary, thanks to our AI chatbot.

Integrate the Smartest Chat Technology into Your CSM & CRM Stack

Yes, we know that there are hundreds of chatbots available. InsyncAI chatbot, though, is unique. It’s really intelligent, simple to integrate, and scalable. Many chatbots are incapable of handling structured or unstructured data, which can be detrimental. But our chatbot software can. And the best part is that we’ve created technology to meet your users right where they are. As a result, regardless of whether they contact you via the web, SMS, Facebook, or in-app, the technology provides a consistent experience managed by a single engine. You can also use it with any CXM backend.

AI-powered Customer Support

Artificial intelligence is now widespread, and it helps us solve millions of problems. So, why not use it to support automation? Yes, we did it, and uniquely. Because of this distinction, a natural language process unfolds. In other words, it uses NLP algorithms to interpret human speech and give well-tailored responses. Furthermore, the chatbot out-learns itself by studying user input and continuously improving its performance. As a result, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased customer confidence
  • More application development
  • Effective data management
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Optimized sales strategy

The future of CRM is AI, and our chatbot is the first step toward that future.

Get the Insync AI Chatbot for Your Business Today

Is it possible for a chatbot to be clever? Why not? Our product provides an exceptional customer experience with dynamic replies and intuitive navigation. And that’s why you can call it a clever AI chatbot. But many customer support tools, sadly, sound like robots. Customers despise it when a robot answers their questions. So, it’s always better to deliver a human-like experience, which our chatbot excels at.

We warmly invite you to join us. We are more than happy to assist you in making your customers happy. And the many advantages of support automation are all well-documented. So, let’s work together to improve customer support, and contact us right now to get started.

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AI Chatbot FAQs

What exactly is a conversational AI?

Our scalable, proprietary platform brings together the leading technology to help solve complex conversational problems — from NLP, deep learning and voice synthesis to automatic data categorization, sentiment detection and context awareness.

Why do I need a chatbot on my eCommerce site?

Users will continue to visit your site at all hours of the day and night. And they will always have questions about your products before purchasing them. Customers who have made purchases on your site may also require assistance with their purchases. By implementing an AI chatbot on your website, you can deliver all of the information your users require at any time of the day without waiting to speak with a human representative. As a result, the user’s willingness to purchase your products increases, resulting in increased sales for you.

Why should I choose InsyncAI for chatbots?

Our all-in-one chatbot system is feature-rich, scalable, and simple to implement. And you can integrate InsyncAI chatbot with any backend CXM. Our technology is different, letting the chatbot self-learn and become better every day. Also, you can transfer contacts to agents, ensuring that customers receive prompt support no matter what.

How much will an AI chatbot cost me?

We offer flexible pricing based on your needs. For a personalized pricing plan, please contact us.