Custom built AI chatbot solution built and deployed in weeks

Realise the power of AI and improve your CX in weeks

AI Chat Powered Sales & Support Automation

We’ve built a truly flexible and customizable conversational AI platform that can be tailored to your enterprise needs by our team of NLP and ML experts. In 3 steps, we help you define business goals and KPIs for your bot, design and build your solution, and deploy on your stack.

Take 3 steps. Go live in 4 weeks.

Plan & Design
Enter pilot agreement and InsyncAI team will design a pilot solution taking existing product catalog, customer data, and site content (e.g., FAQs) to design an optimal chatbot solution.
Build & Test
InsyncAI engineering team will build the NLP and ML engine integrated with your primary CRM and support stack. We pressure test and have the AI bot ready to ship in 4 weeks.
We take the AI bot live, interact with your customers to answer their questions, collect real world user feedback and optimize where needed. We provide you real-time dashboards and advise on points of optimization.