One-third of businesses have increased their spending on robotic process automation (RPA) solutions in recent times. Almost half plan to increase that budget within a year. What’s more interesting is that it’s not just the optimization of supply chains or the support of remote work that’s leading to this increase. 

The expansion of conversational AI solutions such as chatbots and voice assistants is also fueling this increase as both businesses and customers are looking towards these technologies as more reliable means for communicating with each other.

For businesses, adopting technology is important, and more so the adoption of the right technology. Companies in various industries are turning to Insync’s conversational AI platform to get over their customer service woes.

Why is Insync’s Conversational AI platform Your Best Bet?

Discover seven reasons why brands like Verizon, and Yahoo trust Insync’s intelligent AI solutions:

1. AI that keeps it humane

Our scalable, proprietary conversational AI platform combines the latest technologies from NLP, deep learning, and voice synthesis to automatically categorize data as well as detect sentiment and context. This helps us to deliver human-like, natural experience to your end users.

2. Structured data or not, our chatbots can handle it

No matter how your data is, structured or unstructured, Insync’s AI solution handles your data and integrates your backend customer systems, live chats, or knowledge database to aggregate and provides the best and most timely insights to your customers.

3. Get insights across multidimensional context states

If you’re not using AI-powered software, you’re spending too much time flipping between pages of information. Insync’s AI solution helps you access customer data across different stages of the customer journey. It goes beyond the immediate user interaction and gains awareness of user intention, past interactions, and predicted needs.

4. Be where your users are

Businesses struggle to find a user-friendly, seamless solution to integrate multiple customer data streams to improve user experience and support. Whether your user reaches you on the web, in-app, Facebook Messenger, or SMS — Insync’s conversational AI solution provides a consistent experience across channels, managed in a single engine.

5. Gain insight on real user needs

It’s challenging to measure and maintain a consistent experience for customers. Good customer experiences lead to growth and revenue, but it is challenging to figure out when and why your customers are having a good or bad experience. Beyond real-time insights on platform performance, Insync provides interaction insights on your users’ behavior to empower brand, product, operations, and CS teams.

6. Integrates with any backend CXM

You’ve probably used a lot of marketing and engagement tools to attract prospects and nurture customer relationships. Now you need to streamline all these tools to reduce costs and deliver more value to your customers. Between marketing automation, social media, webinars, customer reviews, email, and more, it’s challenging to keep all these tools working together to deliver a seamless experience for your prospects and customers. 

The good news is that we’ve done all the API integration work across major CXM and engagement systems, so you can launch without missing a beat.

7. Transfer to your people seamlessly

Agents in call centers have trouble keeping up with changing customer circumstances. This is a particularly big challenge in complex sales environments in which customers may be transferring in and out of chatbots and different departments. Integrated with Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow just to name a few, our conversational AI solution can transfer contacts to agents whenever needed to ensure that your customer is supported no matter what


Benefits of Choosing Insync’s Conversational AI Platform

1. Seamless Onboarding Experience and Set-Up

At Insync, we provide a fully customized solution that is easy to implement. The solution is built, set up, and maintained by our intent experts. In addition, we deliver a platform that works with limited bandwidth and ensures that every part of the solution is aligned with the brand’s vision.

2. Issues Resolved Without Humans

Insync’s custom AI solution enabled features like product discovery, education, order management, returns, exchanges, shipping, and every other part of the end customer’s journey for the eCommerce firm. 

In addition, the AI assistant is engaging in human-like conversations with customers to resolve 50 to 70% of issues/questions without needing human interaction.

Insync’s proven track record

Insync's-AI-assistant-engages-in-human-like-conversations (1)

Insync has been able to achieve these results in the recent past:

1. Nailed wait times to zero

Insync shifted 20,000 Live Support calls for a Fortune 100 company to our AI chatbots, resolving 50% of issues and generating millions in OpEx savings while raising CSAT 20%. The biggest gain: we went from a 45-minute wait time to a zero-minute wait time.

2. 100% of Calls Answered

Insync turned FAQ and Knowledge base into a conversation for a renowned SaaS company. By providing timely product info, we generated $3MM in new revenue from upsells through our AI chatbots. Our solution ensured all the calls were answered, whereas earlier only 6 to 7 calls were being answered.

3. 66% Reduction in Email Volume

With a 40% resolution rate in the first four weeks, Insync AI chatbots eliminated email backlog for a popular E-Commerce brand, freeing up their team to focus on revenue and Tier 1 Support.

4. 55% customer questions answered

A leading fintech company implemented Insync’s AI solutions and saw 55% of customer questions answered without needing a human. There also was an incremental 25% increase on loan applications — all under 120 seconds.

It’s the time to choose AI, and the right kind of AI that is customized for your business. Do you have the right AI solution in place?

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