Digitization accelerated as the world went under lockdown. Companies were compelled to adjust to the new normal, and technology became more important in getting things done. It was a tough time for small businesses and their founders.

Many knew they had to invest in AI customer support solutions sooner than later. However, with 77% of customers complaining about long hold time, there were simply no other alternatives to meet SLAs. 

However, many business owners have been asking – what if you took the need for coding out of the equation? The result: no-code virtual AI assistants.

What are No Code Virtual AI Assistants?

No-code virtual AI assistants are apps that can be quickly put together by almost anyone via an open-source software platform. All you have to do is choose the features you want from a built-in library of components or complete templates. These platforms:

  • Need no coding to set-up
  • Saves hours worth of strenuous efforts
  • Can adapt to a variety of apps and platforms
  • Can adapt to a diversity of use-cases
  • Needs nearly no IT support post-setup 

The Result? 

Putting power in the hands of users has thus been a tremendous benefit, significantly since the working environment has evolved and organizations need to update policies and notify clients and employees about them.

Fintechs and other businesses can implement no-code AI, virtual AI assistants, for:

  • Website applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Software applications
  • eCommerce applications and stores
  • Websites and landing pages
  • User login pages and payment gateways
  • Databases
  • Automated web workflows

It is no surprise that the market for no-code virtual AI assistants is proliferating. According to current estimates, it is on course to touch $86.92 billion by 2027, a large share of which will likely be cornered by virtual apps.

Why No Code AI Assistants are Ideal for the Modern Entrepreneur?

According to TCS, 32% of companies globally are already harnessing chatbots to personalize and automate customer conversations, streamline back-office operations and enhance Customer Experiences (CX). But, as it’s obvious, no-code virtual chatbots will up the game. 

Here’s why no-code apps are coming in for praise from customer service managers and business owners around the world:

1. Rapid Reconfiguration

Customers are forced to speak with multiple Tier 1 and 2 agents to resolve an existing ticket when they should have been connected directly to Tier 3. AI chatbots can solve this. No-code virtual agents can be updated with new logic through a simple desktop interface by practically anyone.

For example, a customer service manager in charge of escalations may change the routing workflow in real time, based on agent availability and calls in the queue. The result: better agent utilization and first contact resolution.

2. Real-time Agent Support

Virtual AI assistants offer a win-win solution in agent support as companies can provide real-time training based on real-life scenarios agents are likely to encounter. After all, they are equipped to detect intent and analyze data from multiple sources. 

No-code virtual assistants score over their ‘regular’ counterparts in being easy to update with the latest FAQs and business processes for agents to follow while on call.

3. Enhanced Usability and Extensibility

Virtual agents must work seamlessly with other tools like marketing or sales platforms to provide seamless support across different customer journeys. In addition, no-code agents can be rapidly tweaked for their usability and extensibility at a low cost. 

You’ll likely notice a marked improvement in NPS and CES scores over time!

4. Democratization of AI

No-code AI platforms assist in the “democratization of AI,” making it easier for businesses of all sizes and industries to harness the promise of AI. 

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