One of the most significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic befell customer support teams. They were forced to work remotely during a time when the demand for eCommerce increased manifolds as customers began to shop online more than usual.

Responding to these changes (and more), customer service also needs to adapt and evolve. While human agents can solve the problems, it is difficult for businesses to scale up with this growing volume if the agents are working remotely.

Challenges Businesses are Facing with Remote Customer Support

Businesses around the world are ramping up customer support and are adapting to the same as well. But that is not without any challenge because support teams are working remotely in many cases. The key challenges are:

  • Facing stressed customers who want quick answers: Most customers are also reeling from the same situation as businesses are. When people are under stress, they normally tend to be less interactive and want fast answers without compromise. 
  • An all-new experience for the support agents: Managing service requests remotely is not as old as Rome. Many agents are trying to grapple with the remote working tools and software, and individual performances are not optimum. 
  • Pending tickets and poor customer experience: Anytime an internal issue pops up in customer service, customer experience takes the biggest hit. Tickets quickly pile up, grievances rise, and the bottom line, as well as the reputation, suffer.

The solution is customer service automation.

With conversational AI, this is the road ahead for customer service. For instance, over 60% of US consumers prefer automated self-service for simple customer service tasks. 

The Business Case for Customer Service Automation


Customer service – remote or not – requires seamless collaboration across different sections of the organization to handle various service touchpoints. 

Today’s customers demand omnichannel service, spread across email, text messages, mobile apps, social media, and other media. Many companies also cater to self-service support so that consumers can find their answers at any time, day or night, and through customer service automation, things get quicker and better.

Provide Excellent Remote Customer Service through Automation


The formula to success for eCommerce businesses is to offer speed and convenience to consumers. AI-powered chatbots have been a game-changer in eCommerce, helping automate conversations and other critical tasks of human agents.

#1. Robust Customer Engagement


Customer service automation helps implement an appropriate customer engagement strategy, involving day-to-day engagement with consumers, monitoring conversations, or simply letting AI handle the same. 

On the shoulders of conversational AI, brands can offer 24/7 customer service or boost flash sales and cater to customers’ needs for instant gratification.

#2. Manage multiple queries effortlessly

Repetitive task automation can save time while allowing remote support agents to focus on more complex challenges. AI-powered chatbots can personalize conversations while concurrently managing several requests – something that can potentially strain a human team. Automation tackles mundane queries, leaving space for human agents to tackle the more challenging tasks seamlessly. 

#3. Derive real-time analytics

Through customer service automation, remote customer support teams can derive crucial analytics about customer behavior and support preference. This saves a time-consuming and prone-to-error manual process of noting complaints and raising tickets. 

Do your customers need simple answers that a chatbot can provide, or are they prone to ask more complex questions?  Which platform are they most active on? Businesses can derive the answers to these questions via analytics from customer support automation. 

#4. Dispatching the right information

Over half of consumers say that they cannot resolve an issue on their own because there is too little information available online. Customer service automation can help businesses manage and dispatch supportive content, and inform and educate users about the brand more often rather than just selling products to them. 

For instance, an AI chatbot will quickly share supportive documents, relevant content like blogs and white papers, or FAQs to relevant queries at the right time. This, on the other hand, would be a time-consuming process for a human agent. 

#5. Strengthen the remote customer support team

When businesses free their remote human agents of customer support duties and entrust the same to automation, they create space for human agents to handle more complex queries with greater efficiency. Automating mundane yet necessary customer queries enhances the quality of support manifolds. In addition, as support teams work remotely, specialized solutions can make the help process easier and faster. 

#6. Manage costs

Albeit robust customer support is vital, investing in recruiting and training agents may not be cost-effective when several teams work remotely and the business is not at 100%. Investing in customer service automation helps your current workforce become more productive. Compared to a human, conversational and voice-enabled AI products provide the much-needed personalized touch at a considerably lower cost.

#7. Future-proofing businesses

The past year has shown how situations and consumer preferences can change in the blink of an eye. For instance, trends reflect an increased preference for chatbots to resolve mundane queries and derive contentful support. Other trends show how calls and emails remain the most trusted customer support channel to resolve complex questions. Automation helps to stay ahead of the curve with its real-time data analytics. 

Leveraging Customer Service Automation for Remote Customer Support

Customer service can make or break your brand’s reputation. So it’s no surprise that today’s consumers have become accustomed to getting what they want and when they want it. 

So, it’s high time that businesses automate and gear up their Customer Support for Remote Customers. At InSync, we deliver cutting-edge customer support automation laced with advanced AI. Request a live demo today.