In a world where almost every business is an eCommerce, it often becomes overwhelming to support the explosion of customer queries with existing in-house teams.

Hence, businesses are increasingly looking for virtual assistants to help with support and conversions while their employees focus more on the core operations. Insync has helped many eCommerce businesses solve their most critical problem – customer support, via industry-leading automation.

This case highlights the success story of one of the top Fortune 100 eCommerce brands, which used Insync’s Virtual Assistant to drastically reduce their support call volumes — an impact you’d undoubtedly want.

The Challenge: Cut the cost, boost the CX

In 2020, eCommerce reportedly exploded more than it did in the past ten years combined! This digital trend meant brands began encountering customers shifting their preferences to digital channels. At the time, customer support reps were also forced to work from home due to COVID-19.

Amidst such a crisis, this eCommerce firm started noticing phone wait times exceeding 45-minutes, while emails took 5 to 7 days to respond. 

Naturally, this was causing a decline in customer satisfaction and increased negative feedback. As they were moving in for Q4, they knew that the issue could only get worse.

Simultaneously, they felt transforming the brand’s digital presence would be indispensable in the future. Hence, the team focused on cutting costs by shifting customer support from costly channels such as phone and email and improving their customer experience.

The team reported testing other solutions which increased costs and were more resource-intensive. However, the firm knew a more advanced AI solution was the need of the hour.

The Solution: Insync’s Custom-made Virtual Assistant

This Fortune 100 team was looking for an advanced and customized AI solution to shift customer support away from the traditionally expensive phone and email solutions. At the same time, they didn’t want to compromise on the customer experience.

So, Insync designed, architected, and built a custom AI solution for the firm that was easy to integrate, and the team was subsequently able to monitor, optimize, and report performance metrics.

“Insync was a huge help to our support operations, especially during the peak holiday time,” the Director of Customer Support for the company said in a statement. 

Insync’s technology worked by incorporating the firm’s knowledge base and FAQs to build the initial conversational experience. But unless the user intent is known, delivering precise automated customer support isn’t possible. 

Here Insync’s deep intent analysis kicked in, and the company quickly learned that order management, returns/exchanges, and product education were the top intent categories customers needed help with. Consequently, the company began to channelize its efforts into a more meaningful CX, targeting the actual pain points.

The Outcome, in just one month

Insync’s AI-inside tech helped the channel shift from expensive phone and email support within 30 days post-implementation while increasing customer satisfaction.

Thanks to Insync, this Fortune 100 eCommerce team saw:

  • 20k fewer phone calls in the first month (50% decrease)
  • Phone wait times down to under-1-minute (from 45 minutes)
  • Email SLAs down to same day (down by 80%)
  • CSAT scores increased by 79% YoY

The Benefits of Insync’s Custom AI solution

You just saw how Insync’s custom AI technology helped this eCommerce saddle back to authority in this ever-changing market. Your company could be the next beneficiary. Here’s how Insync tech helped:

1. Seamless Onboarding Experience and Set-Up

At Insync, we provided a fully customized solution that was easy to implement. The solution was built, set up, and is now being maintained by our intent experts. In addition, we delivered a platform that works with limited bandwidth and ensured that every part of the solution was aligned to the brand’s vision.

2. Automated up to 75% of the Customer Journey

Thanks to Insync’s years of expertise with eCommerce brands and their use cases, the implementation was wholesome. The most important aspect of a virtual assistant is to make the customer journey smooth. So while the team provided the input on the features they needed, we added the industry-leading values. The result: we ended up automating 75% of the customer journey, starting from the awareness stage to customer advocacy.

3. Issues Resolved Without Humans

Insync’s custom AI solution enabled features like product discovery, education, order management, returns, exchanges, shipping, and every other part of the end customer’s journey for the eCommerce firm. 

In addition, the AI assistant is engaging in human-like conversations with customers to resolve 50 to 70% of issues/questions without needing human interaction.

4. Ability to Drive Incremental Conversions / New Sales

Insync’s virtual assistant was able to help customers get the timely information they needed to close a purchase. We quickly ingested the product catalog so end users can ask questions about products and services as they would to a human, and in return, get timely information that would drive 25-50% net new conversions and sales.

Adapt to the Change

To sum it up, this is what the Director of the eCommerce firm said, “Working with Insync, we were able to help our customers channel shift away from more expensive phone and email support to their virtual assistant while also helping increase our customer satisfaction scores.

Thus, to keep customers inspired, engaged, and loyal, eCommerce brands must be willing to adapt to change and implement the right and relevant solutions as and when required.

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