Every second that your business doesn’t respond to inquiries, you may lose out on future customers. To further expand on it, this allows your competitors to get ahead. To prevent this from happening, you need to have a solution for your prospective customers 24×7. This is where Insync comes in.

Insync is a powerful custom-built conversational AI chatbot solution as a service that can answer almost every query of your customers. Let’s understand how Insync can empower your business and help you scale efficiently.

Understand How Insync Can Help Your Business

Chatbots have been around for a few years now. However, to correctly determine the genuine value add of AI-powered solutions for your business, you must first define the proper method of evaluation:

1. The Way People Talk

As humans, we can easily understand each other as long as we speak the same language. However, that isn’t the case with computers and AI-powered chatbot solutions. 

For instance, you must have noticed how search engines give you more accurate results when you only enter keywords and not your real question. 

To put this into perspective, if you are searching for a t-shirt for your 5-year-old nephew online, you will have more success if you use appropriate keywords like ‘t-shirts for kids’ or ‘t-shirts kids,’ rather than how you would explain it a salesman. 

This is exactly the case with chatbots. You can measure how good a chatbot is by how easily it understands the syntax we use or how we talk. For instance, imagine you are looking for a pair of shoes for your kid on a specific website, and you find a pair that you like, but you are worried whether it would fit your kid. You can ask the same question to Insync’s AI chatbot, and it would show the sizing chart of the brand’s shoes and not anything unrelated, which is a unique capability.

2. Learn Each Detail About your Product and Inform Customers About it

While customer support teams always try to remember every piece of information, they are only human. The AI chatbot solutions, however, don’t share the same limitation. With Insync, you can ensure that your AI powered-chatbot solution knows everything about your products and will deliver the appropriate information to the customer when needed. 

For example: Imagine walking to a sports store and looking for a sports jacket. Sure, the salesperson can deliver most information about the product, like in what weather conditions can the jacket be worn, or whether it comes in a different color. But an AI-powered chatbot will not only remember every single detail about your product but also suggest items that will go along well with a specific product. 

Let’s take another example. Imagine if you have purchased a white T-shirt and the website has an article on “How to make the most out of a white t-shirt”. The chatbot would recommend similar items based on the information given in that article.   

3. Intent and Sentiment Based Product Discovery

Insync’s AI-powered chatbot is capable of intent and sentiment-based product discovery, enabling you to enable a much better experience than your competitors.

Here’s how. Because of this capability, the conversational AI chatbot will understand how to talk with the customer fluently. For instance, the chatbot can gauge whether the customer is satisfied with the business. If the customer isn’t happy, the chatbot can send the matter to the customer support team, and if the customer is happy, it can send them information about new products.

4. Opportunities for Upselling Via Recommendations

Insync creates opportunities for upselling via recommendations. For instance, if a customer has purchased a computer table from your website, they may need a chair and an upper deck table for their computer set-up. This is an example of how Insync creates opportunities for upselling.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Insync not only builds your AI-powered chatbot solution at no cost but also implements and integrates it across various customer experience management systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, and LiveChat. We also don’t charge any upfront cost or additional fees for new customer intents or use cases.

6. Access to Deep Big Data Insights

When you subscribe to our service, our relationship doesn’t end with creating a custom AI-powered solution for your business. You will get a real-time dashboard and regular customer insights from our customer intent analysis. These insights can be constructive while designing future business strategies.

7. Dedicated Support

We, at Insync, work as if we are an extension of your development teams, and as a result, we should be accessible to assist you with any requests relating to our AI chatbot at no charge. Another reason why you should consider joining hands with us is because we have worked with Fortune 100 companies and engaged their customers from product discovery to support. 

If you want to know more about how we can contribute to your business, watch our demo here.